Bulldog puzzle


Chris Michael

President & CEO

After working in the advertising industry for most of his professional life, Chris Michael opened the doors at Bulldog Creative Services in 1999. Chris began as a one-man team and has successfully grown the company into what it is today. He continues to wear many hats at Bulldog, remaining just as involved with clients as he was when the doors opened, serving as an account executive, designer, producer and more. A graduate of Ball State University, Chris is married with two boys and enjoys keeping up with them on the ski slopes and greens and trying to bluff his opponents in a friendly game of poker!

Christine Borders

Vice President - Creative Services

An accomplished and award-winning designer, Christine has been with Bulldog since 2004. Her design contributions to clients have been featured in local, regional and national publications. She’s not only an integral part of team Bulldog, but a great asset to the Huntington community, playing a tremendous role in the design and painting of two viaduct murals and Huntington in Bloom. A graduate of Marshall University, Christine enjoys spending time with her family, painting and going all HGTV on her Huntington abode.

Lynne Marsh

Account Executive

Lynne joined team Bulldog in 2018 with an expansive background in the strategic communications world. She's written for The Herald-Dispatch, project managed for Gannett Co., and taught at Marshall University. Now she's an integral part of our client services team and fits in perfectly with the knowledge, attitude, and ability to get things accomplished. When she isn’t being a total grammar nerd, Lynne loves to hike mountains with her son and see the world from a different perspective.

Kay Thomason

Account Coordinator

Kay joined team Bulldog in 2019 after a stent in administration with the federal government. A recent transplant from Utah, Kay brings a wealth of knowledge to help support Bulldog's clients, plus she loves to read! When she isn't buried in a book, Kay puts on her creative hat and enjoys relaxing with some yarn and her crochet hook.

Megan Ramey-Keelin

Art Director

Megan is a truly unique individual that has the 'mad skilz' that many of our clients appreciate. An award-winning designer, Megan works directly with many clients and their teams to produce incredible outcomes. Megan joined the Bulldog team in 2007 and has made positive contributions in many areas ever since. Another graduate of Marshall University, Megan came to Bulldog after working within the advertising industry since leaving school. Our resident 'Craft Queen', Megan can turn another man's trash into treasures and knit you a whole new wardrobe in no time flat.

Tom Pickens

Senior Graphic Designer

Coming to us all the way from South Charleston, WV, team Bulldog has recruited yet another Marshall University grad – Go Herd! Tom is a multi-talented graphic designer and animator, bringing a unique perspective and new set of talents to our award-winning creative team. In his spare time, you can find him playing the guitar, drinking protein shakes, or pumping iron. Check out those guns!


Levi Durfee

Vice President - Web Services

A graduate of Marshall University, Levi joined Bulldog Creative in 2011 and immediately began making considerable contributions to client projects. He loves to manage servers, create Laravel web applications, build SPAs (Single Page Application) using React, and more. He also enjoys finding new ways to enhance our clients' SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and is recognized by Google for his contributions to the world of open source code. In his spare time, Levi is the best dog dad to his wiener dog, Frank!

Alex Vance

Senior Web Developer

Alex Vance first joined Bulldog as a web developer in early 2012. After moving to Austin, Texas in 2014 and completing a web development bootcamp, Alex brought his new skills back home. We're thrilled to have him back to assist our clients with interactive designs and functional programming. Outside of work, Alex enjoys all things Marshall athletics and snuggling up to his ferocious feline, Nibbler.

John "Pip" Narcise

Web Developer

John, otherwise known as Pip, has a knack and passion for web development. After learning how to code from his former roommate, John graduated from Mountwest Community & Technical College and grew his skills to land a web developer position with the Bulldog team. He hopes to use his knowledge to better the Huntington community and when he isn’t coding awesome sites he’s probably playing guitar, eating No.1 Kitchen, or enjoying live music at the V-Club.

Keith Hutson

Production Director

Coming all the way from Washington, DC, Keith Hutson joined Bulldog in 2020. A multi-talented producer, Keith has extensive experience in videography and editing, photography, and graphic design. A graduate of Full Sail University and Ringling College of Art and Design, Keith enjoys listening to podcasts, watching informative YouTube videos and attempting to incorporate the Wim Hof Method into his daily regimen.

Molly Morgan

Media & Operations Lead

Molly joined the team in the spring of 2016, and we are more than happy to have her on board! She is the first one people talk to when they call or visit Bulldog, but this Star Wars fanatic does so much more that makes her an integral part of our team. She moved to Huntington from Logan, WV in 2008 and graduated from Mountwest with an associate degree in allied health. In her spare time, Molly enjoys playing the latest video games and challenging opponents from all over the world.

Emily Billups

Operations Assistant

Emily joined Team Bulldog after six years at Marshall University where she worked as an accountant in the Bursar’s Office. A local equestrian who has competed in the World’s Championship Horse Show at the Kentucky State Fair, she adores her horse, Aries, her Australian Shepherd, Teddy, and cat, Nyx. When she isn’t busy tending to her animals or helping clients at Bulldog, Emily enjoys needlepoint including designing her own patterns.